Pokémon Twilight Masquerade Low Down


Get the low down on the up and coming cards from the latest set - Twilight Masquerade

Pokémon Twilight Masquerade Low Down

Welcome to your Pokémon TCG Twilight Masquerade low down!

Some of you may have attended one of the pre-release events and have begun to play with new cards and their mechanics. I will be highlighting some of the latest cards we may see coming up in our local games. 


This set is all about Ogerpon! Teal Mask Ogerpon ex looks to be the power house of the four, pairing well into grass decks, also synergizes well with other Ogerpons. 

Her Ability Teal Dance allows the player to both draw a card and attach a Grass Energy to Teal Mask Ogerpon ex. This pairs well with the attack Myriad Leaf Shower, which increases in power the more Energy cards are attached to both Active Pokémon.


Pokemon twilight Masquerade OgerponPokemon twilight Masquerade OgerponPokemon twilight Masquerade OgerponPokemon twilight Masquerade Ogerpon

We may see this pop alongside the likes of Raging Bolt ex, the ancient Pokémon which needs to discard energy to deal damage.


Another strong contender is the Dipplin & Thwackey combo! Goodbye Charizard ex (finally), with the stadium Festival Grounds in play, Dipplin may attack twice! 

Thwackey also has an ability where they can search for any card in the deck so long as a Pokémon with the Festival Lead ability, like Dipplin, is in the active spot. 

A crazy strong combo that is sure to see some wins. This will also be one of the cheaper decks to build with mostly commons and uncommon cards making up the 60 strong deck.


Pokemon twilight Masquerade DipplinPokemon twilight Masquerade thwackeyPokemon twilight Masquerade festival grounds stadium


Now my personal favourite, as a huge fan of Dragon types and doing very well overseas in the city leagues - Dragapult ex!

Pokemon twilight Masquerade dragapultPokemon twilight Masquerade drakloak

Big main attack, along with spreading damage over the bench, plus the stage 1 Drakloak is also your draw power, what more could you want?!

There are heaps of partners to combo with, Xatu for energy acceleration, Pidgeot ex to go fetch a card every turn, and some are even running Charizard ex in it as well!

I will definitely be giving the dragon a go!


Other decks and cards to watch out for is Conkeldurr, a stage 2 that when affected by a special condition has no energy cost on its big attack for 250 damage! 

Blissey ex, a stage 1 Pokémon, swings big and can take big knocks too.

Greninja ex, not just one of the coolest cards in the set but also a great fighter with the Shinobi Blade. Also partners well with Pidgeot ex.

Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex, a normal type that will fit happily into any deck. Essentially the rerelease of Radiant Charizard. Its ability decreases the attack cost per prize card your opponent has taken.

Pokemon twilight Masquerade Blissey exPokemon twilight Masquerade Greninja exPokemon twilight Masquerade tatsugiriPokemon twilight Masquerade unfair stamp

Tatsugiri, also a card that can slip into most decks which find it hard to get the trainers they want. It has the ability to “attract customers” which, when in the active spot, allows you to search the top 6 cards of your deck for a supporter.


A raft of new ACE SPEC cards on their way, the big one every one is talking about is unfair stamp. This one you can use if one of your Pokémon was just knocked out. You and your opponent shuffle your hands into your decks, you draw five, your opponent draws 2. This might give you another turn to get ahead!


There are plenty of new support cards as well! 

Pokemon twilight Masquerade carminePokemon twilight Masquerade enhanced hammerPokemon twilight Masquerade lana's aidPokemon twilight Masquerade Ogre's mask

There is a lot to love in this set, some must have for the decks and heaps of new mechanics to play with! Battle on Pokémon Masters!

Caitlin O'Neill

Head of Marketing

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Pokémon Twilight Masquerade Low Down

Get the low down on the up and coming cards from the latest set - Twilight Masquerade


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