Disney Lorcana is here!

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Welcome to Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana is here!

Your time is coming, what you have all been waiting for… To be summoned to the magical realm LORCANA! Will you take the magic quill, read through the magical books and prove to the world you are the best ink Master in all of the realms? From the 1st of June, Hobby Lords will be receiving not just the newest Disney Lorcana set, but everything set right for the start so no one misses out! 

Disney lorcana universe picture

Being a Disney game we see fan-favorite characters and more. From Tinkerbell to Stitch and Moana this game brings them all to life. The game caters to both people who want to play the game and the ones who just want to collect the cards. 


For the players: 

The game aims to be the first person to discover 20 lore via the quest mechanic. This is done by turning characters sideways. The catch is when the characters are off questing they are out in the open, your opponent can attack them, debuff them and more. Leaving a big decision, when do you want to send them on a quest? Do you wait till you can get a total of 20 lore before turning them all or as soon as you place the character down do you go questing? 

When it comes to building a deck you will choose two inks out of the possible six, Amber, Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Steel. Each inks have different abilities related to them. 


Amber: Full of healers, bodyguards, weak but cheap characters

Amethyst: Expensive characters with strong abilities, but must be tapped to use them

Emerald: The characters use their environment to their advantage, they can mesh well with any other ink

Ruby: Fast characters, so quick that it is extremely difficult to hit them

Sapphire: Tinkers, these characters rely on items to make them stronger and provide a buff to make them powerful

Steel: Uses brute force to complete their questing goals


DIsney lorcana staple cards in the sets

For the collectors: 

Any tabletop game wouldn’t be complete without the ability to collect some amazing cards. The game has a range from common cards which are guaranteed in every pack to enchanted cards which only appear one in every 100 packs! Each set has 12 to 18 enchanted cards per set making it a huge achievement if you can get them all, would be worth it with how beautiful these cards are. 


On top of collecting these amazing cards, Disney has gone on all-out event promos cards, badges and then accessories that are only around for 3 months as they are linked to a set. Once the new set is out those accessories are gone! 

DIsney lorcana promos for competitions


With this game catering to both player and collector, every age and every Disney-loving fan, Hobby Lords is excited to announce from June the 1st we will be running Disney Lorcana events Friday, Saturday and Sunday every week!


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